Who You Hang With

Grandma always said ‘you are who you associate with’, wise council in my lifetime always said ‘you are who you hang with’ and the bible has a scripture that says ‘evil company corrupts good habits’.  Now if I was perhaps not a faith follower I may not believe what the bible says, or maybe I wouldn’t listen to wise council from those with a bit more life experience.  But when grandma chimes in with what the other two are basically saying my ears perk up…after all she loves me next to God.  Yes it is true, you are who you choose to do life with, so how is your life going?

If you love life right now and the world is on a silver platter then congrats, you are going the right direction!  But more often I hear the opposite.  This could be because you are not hanging out with those who are in the same mindset…

Then it is possibly true the opposite could be in effect, maybe life is a bummer and you are depressed and not sure where you are going.  Could it be that those you are hanging around, choosing to do life with are possibly lost and wandering as much as you.

I’ve been there.  I spent a lot of time wrapped up in the justifying bitterness of occurrences we call life.  Often I blamed those around me.  And though in my younger days I did not have control over those people I certainly had it when I grew up.  The only person that had forgotten what the top 3 said was me.  I had to choose to change who my influencers were, and sometimes it is not easy.

I encourage you today that if you do not like something be daring enough to change it and start evaluating what people you are putting in your life.

I love hanging around positive people who see the world in a better way and have vision.  Some of them may currently be well to do business owners and others may be baristas, but what they all have in common is a common vision of positive thinking.  This is to spur everyone they know along as they are challenged to strive to be their best themselves.  They come from all walks of life and diversity and I am proud to call them my inner circle.

MJ said it best, ‘I’m starting with the man in the mirror’ or woman, let’s not get technical.  If you are one to point a finger at someone else and justify why life is not what you like of it begin in front of the mirror and see how you can be the change.


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