We Are Better…. Together

I love to people watch and see how they interact with one another.  Especially family members….it just fascinates me.  The other day I was working with a great pair of sisters who are striving to make their way on the pop music charts and actively diligent about social media.  As they sit here in my casual home office they are both working on their laptops on individual items.  As I look up they in the best water ballet fashion all of a sudden switch laptops and begin checking the others work.  It goes on like this and then one reminds the other that they need to tweet and they are off again.  One B says to another B (okay, they are both named B so that is their official name) ‘Why don’t you check out the newsletter I wrote while I check the investment button you made for our blog site…’.  Yes they both have individual strengths, but together they are a dynamic duo.  They have learned and are exemplifying that we are better…together.

It is typical to often see one name in the spotlight, but what the truth is that if you asked that person they would say it is not just them and most likely would then go on to name the team of the inner circle that is with them.  Even my examples of the up and coming B have their own team.  It is important to have an inner circle when you are on a mission to be successful.  This can be for the purpose of dominating the charts like B or being the best at what you do, whether it is the boardroom or the PTA fundraiser.  Having a team will help you get the job done and do it well.

So how do you build the best inner circle for you?  Here are a couple nuggets I have come across in my years of being on the planet.  One is that one of the biggest mistakes people make is trusting too quickly, that can be a difficult lesson to learn.  You let people in too quickly and then they are not worthy of your trust.

A great trait for you as well as anyone in your circle is to be as good of a follower as you are a leader, no matter who you are.  Rick Warren said it best in his best seller A Purpose Driven Life, ‘It is not about you’.  Others have said it like this, ‘There is no I in team’.  However you look at it, each member has to be able to lay down his or her own ego for the sake of the goal.  This is the win that can make your inner circle go from good to great.

I look forward to alone time whenever I can get it!  But when it comes to the tasks and going to the next level I certainly enjoy my inner circle.  Even in writing I often have those entrusted few that review and give suggestions.  These are ones whose opinion I respect and will challenge me in growing and getting better as much as they applaud me in what I do well.  It is encouraging an uplifting to know that we are in fact better together.  If you have an inner circle you may be nodding as you read this and even have some great additions to what makes a winner’s circle in your life.  Feel free to post them.  However if you are one that feels like it’s you and you against the world and who makes things happen I strongly encourage you to reconsider.


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