Life Lesson In Ink



18 years ago I had a baby girl and then a week later turned 30.  That seems a long time ago and today again is my birthday.  Yes you do the math, and at this age there is a little bit of reflecting going on.  I love my life and have no regrets.  That 18 year old and I even marked the event by going to get tattoos.  I told her she had to wait until she was 18 and I always wanted one so we did it.  I got props from Sacred Art in Hollywood as being one of the coolest moms ever (which, by the way folks is always good to hear) and my daughter got her first tat and is excited.  I also got one, which I have always wanted to do and now can check that box on my bucket list.

Getting a tattoo was not what I thought it was going to be.  I really thought it was going to hurt.  And though there were times I did in my head go, “mother #$@*%” it really was not as bad as I thought.  I joked to the artist who did it that I always envisioned myself having a couple shots of tequila and then going for it but was told that this was not good as it thinned the blood.  When she heard this she said, “No, you can have a couple shots if you want.”  Pondering I may not come back and just keep drinking and perhaps end up with Sharpie instead of ink I opted to be brave and not go for the liquid courage, plus I wanted to be a good example to my now legal adult daughter.  (Plus drinking all day and getting a tattoo isn’t perhaps the best life decision anyway?)

The pain is interesting when you get a tattoo.  It is a vibration more than pain.  And when the friction stops you don’t feel the pain any more.  Sometimes it is the pain that evokes a little cuss word or two and other times it is just the vibration you feel with a bit of discomfort and no pain, but it would not be the first choice if you wanted to live pain free.

As I sat on the table and took one for the bucket list I started to evaluate the past 18 years and all the life that has happened.  It seems like I blinked and it went fast.  Yes, I am starting to sound like all the older people I have ever known….and they were right!  How many times did the vibrations and friction of life (to the point of a cuss word or two) happen?  I honestly cannot remember the details of most of them and this is the kicker.  But the overall experience is what I remember.  I won’t remember the pain of the tattoo, for example.  I will remember it hurt but I won’t dwell on it.  I honestly do not remember the actual pain of childbirth, but could tell you at the time it hurt like a  …..!  (And yes, after my oldest compared getting a tattoo to childbirth I asked if I got an epidural with the inking.)  What I DO remember and choose to remember is the joy of raising this now 18 year old person who has so much to give to the world.  My focus is on the overall and not on the temporary.  I now have a permanent reminder of my child turning 18, we have a great experience to share together and I get a check on my bucket list in life.


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