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Okay you have heard of Hammer time but you know about justice time?  Anyone who knows, knows me knows that I am high justice.  What does this mean?  Well in the dictionary it is described as, “just behavior or treatment: a concern for justice, peace, and genuine respect for people.”  Putting others above your own personal needs and desire is one of the byproducts of justice for me.  Heck, I’m named after Deborah, the kick butt judge of the bible…you figure it out.

Other characters of justice friendly folks:

Norma Rae (great movie, rent it)

Erin Brockovich (another great movie…)

Rosa Parks

Lucille Ball…. I think so anyway when you see what she had to face in the entertainment biz.

Through trips and trials I have learned in life that justice can work against you as well as for you.  Timing is everything.  There have been times when I thought I was acting in justice and actually I was making the situation worse by moving ahead of the timing for results to happen.  Always well meaning, it ended up with me falling flat on my face.  But in the process there is always something to learn.

I get riled up when justice is not met, when children are abused, when women are mistreated.  If I see a friend hurt I want to defend them.  When I see hypocrisy I want to turn over a table or two myself.  I get annoyed when I want to know about the war (yes folks it is still going on) and all I hear about is if Kristen & Rob are going to make it.  (BTW I am sure they would like to hear other news on the TV as well).  But we are drawn to the drama of the surreal as opposed to the drama of the real.  Why?

My thought…to face the real means to face the accountability of your action in the behavior or situation.  There can be a lot of talk about the situation yet no solution.  REAL drama requires solution but often people shrink from solution and roll around in the drama.  Solution means change in thought or behavior as opposed to criticism and justification.  Solution means that you have to work at a different process.  Solution takes action by the person who is presented with the problem.  And if you are not ready to change then you are not ready for solution.

The difficult part for a justice personality is to know when the stand needs to be taken.  It can be a daily struggle to know when to stand and when to conform and wait for the right timing.  It is a gift that requires seasoning and wisdom as you walk it out.

I love the examples I gave above.  Norma Rae knew the time to stand on her desk and raise a sign after begin tolerant to injustice.  Erin Brockovich knew that she was the one chosen to make a difference and spend the time investigating injustice.  Rosa Parks suffered ignorance and injustice until the time she was ready to quietly sit and say ‘no more’.  And Lucille Ball, she fought injustice by merely being born a woman when she had so much to give to the entertainment industry.  Her choices to form her own company and face ridicule is the reason my children know her name and females still imitate her in iconic fashion.

All these women knew the timing.  May I always be directed to the timing and not be a distraction.  And when the timing is right may I always be brave enough to stand for justice.


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