Chin Hair On My First Day of School

‘Today is going to be a great day’, a statement I try to tell myself each morning as it brings me hope. Today is an extra exciting day as I begin the journey of going back to college to finish my degree.  But when I looked in the mirror this morning what greeted me was a long and ugly chin hair!  Yuck! A reason to call it quits? No! I am not going to let an unsightly flaw of inconvenience get in my way, instead I plucked it out and got going to class, because I have been dreaming about this moment for a long time.

As I walked to class I started thinking about that obnoxious reminder of my impending days towards being an AARP contestant and started thinking about what it represented.  And as I sat in my first class waiting for it to start I felt my chin and what I thought might have been another one trying to present itself.  And if I was incorrect then most likely another may pop up at any time….they do that, like overnight!

Many obstacles are like chin hairs!  You can get all upset about the blemish/inconvenience or you can grab the tweezers and pluck them off of your face!  I started thinking about other obstacles in my life and evaluating if I was finding a way to pluck them out or was I letting them grow and take over my proverbial face!  Am I feeling around in my life and seeing if they exist.  Am I seeking out them myself as well as inviting others I trust to show them to me!

Just like choosing to go back to college now there can be so many obstacles in my way, but one by one and with a lot of praise to God they are being plucked out!  Now the day has arrived, but I also know I had to choose to move forward and go and pluck out fear, doubt and more.

May I never be too old not to evaluate what needs to be plucked from my life!  That may be a thought pattern, a habit, or even fear.  May I remember that without these blemishes life gets better and I have the power to remove them, I get to choose.  And in doing so my complexion and appearance gets better overall…meaning my life. My thoughts, my choices in the wrong direction of what I am here on the planet for and more can cause the chin hairs of life to grow all over my proverbial face!  I can also choose to let others try to put them there.  Or, I can choose to get the tweezers and pluck them out.  Many times it starts with me.  My mind can be my biggest strength and my biggest enemy!  I must choose what voice I listen to.

So after I pondered this realization I didn’t give this chin hair much thought, that is until I get the next one…which may again happen at any minute cause ya never know when one will POP out!  But what I do know, just like any other obstacle, I can remove it.  THAT is a great day!


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