She’s Riding The Bus?

LA Bus  I have been taking public transit lately. It’s a lifestyle choice. It is amazing some of the  responses I have gotten from people I know. It’s funny to me because if I were in New York, DC or similar cities people would think nothing of the average soccer mom with flair riding public transit. So why the looks, stares and questionable concerns about my income and well being if I decide to ride the bus in LA?

Truth is that I have no idea. In most cases of my life I do things that I feel are the right thing to do, not because it is the popular thing to do. For this reason I have chosen to ride the subways and the bus once in awhile. I consider it a privilege I have the option to choose one or the other. There are many reasons but the number one was I just wanted to see the city from another point of view. I’m not going out there with the intention of a case study looking from the outside in but rather want to get a different pulse on the city I am called to be a part of. This includes going underground per say. I had never ridden the subway in LA and have lived here several years. In doing so here are some of my observations…

1. I meet really cool people doing really cool things. Whether they are aspiring to do…. (you fill in the blank), or the person coming home from a long day of work they have hopes, dreams and aspirations just like I do. They are excited about the future of the day that is ahead or thankful that the day is behind them. They are mostly full of joy and happy to talk a bit while we sit by one another without other distractions that driving brings.

2. I save money. One big thing and honestly I had no idea that it would be such an affect that I have more money all of a sudden, or it doesn’t disappear as fast (depending on how you look at it) and that is pretty cool.

3. I have great conversations. Most likely I am blessed to have the different conversations that I would not have if I drove a car to the destination. One was an interesting talk with a gal who was Hari Krishna and with her posse as the corner where I caught the bus. Or the teen who was giving her friend pretty good advice and after my nod she added, ‘even the lady on the bus agrees…’ and who knows, maybe that nod could change the course of a decision a young girl makes.

Yes I am taking mass transit, it’s a lifestyle choice and I’m loving it. Yes I know I am blessed to have the option but thought it great that I branched out and am having the experience. That is the number one observation that I have, I actually did it and chose to see the city of LA from another angle.


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