The Word Is: Trust

Trust Honestly speaking I am borderline on the ‘uh oh’ side of each year when God reveals a word for me; a word that the year is going to bring and God is going to stretch me in that arena.  (Not break me, stretch me… although many times there is pain.)  Last year was tough; the hardest was facing some of the realities of my life.  Some have extended into this year.  Now the stretch is happening again, to see the trust that God has challenged me in.

My word for 2013 is ‘Trust’.

Simply defined in the dictionary, it is ‘firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.’  It is interesting that I can use a word most every day in my life and not realize the depth of it.  God has given me the word trust this year.  I am beginning to see why.  Bottom line is he wants me to solely rely on Him, for real, no joke, no kidding, for real.

With the constant realization that I am still not God and free will exists my trust level is being challenged.  The constant is the question in my head from the voice of God (who again sounds like movie phone guy) is do you trust ME?  I Am, the One who is worthy?  The answer is yes.  The infinite question is am I doing it daily.  The honest answer is I am sooo trying to.  The largest part is the people in my world.  Am I trusting God or am I holding on to a job position that was never mine?  Do I trust God enough to have Him take the reigns on a situation, knowing that other people’s behavior is not my fail?  To trust God enough to let go when I need to or have been directed by Him to?  Or do I keep taking on the false blame that the enemy wants to ensue?

You may be trying to figure out the core.  I’m not a Kardashian and I’m not going to whine about problems.  The core is me, and my trust in God; the ultimate leader in my heart.  By listening to Him first, the accusers in my head become silent and the worry of judgment by others diminishes when they don’t have the worldview to look at a situation through God’s eyes and find compassion.  I trust, I try, I fail, I succeed, and I wake up another day and do it again… I human.


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