While going back to college I discovered a game: Cacandy crushndy Crush.  Some of you may smile and some of you may cringe.  It was really boredom that began it all.  Sitting there waiting for class and needing something to do.

I downloaded the app and away I went.  It turned into a joke. I said I was going to play until I graduated and then at that level quit.  By the time I graduated I was level 800!

But as usual in my little challenges to myself, and perseverance of sticking with something longer than five minutes, I learned a little something along the way on the journey to 800.

In honor of the day and the morning hour, there is a bit of sweetness I’ve discovered while playing Candy Crush I’d like to share with you my peeps.

Enjoy the Sweat of the Game

I like puzzles and finding their solution.  It makes me good at what I do and what is cool I enjoy it.  There is nothing wrong with finding what you love to do and rockin’ it.  I’ve always told people in my world find what you love to do and find a way to make money at it.  If you have to work for a living do something you enjoy or even love.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take work. The sweat, ok I may have only sweat at the Crush when it’s hot (go with me) is the pressure to solve it before your time or turn runs out.  But that is the fun of it.  A friend calls it a ‘good kind of pressure’ and that resonates when the heat turns up and time is running out to get things done.

Things May Not Look Like Seem

As levels increase the difficulty of the game increases.  A puzzle appears and I’ll think, ‘Whoa Nelly… can this be done?’ The truth is it can.  I may take me a few times to see the solution but the puzzle can be solved.

Truth is it may take several turns.  And I admit, I’ve bought a few gold bars along the way.  At times some are given to me.  My choice is the cost. Is it worth the cost to keep going and is it a cost I’m willing to invest in.

Often the best way to solve a problem is to look at it a different way.  In the puzzle of life perhaps you have to look at things from a different angle, another perspective.  Maybe you need to stand on a ladder to reach it, look down at it from a new direction or get on your knees and look up.

Don’t Quit

One of the best marketing ploys of the game is the statement ‘You Failed’. It gives persistent buggers like me the caveat to click again.  But many times that is a good thing.  I don’t like to give up… on problems or on people. Telling me I’ve failed is a way to get me to try harder.

However, I have to know the timing of the fail.  Perhaps the time is not now to play the game, or I’m playing for the wrong reasons.  Perhaps it can be in my codependency I’ve held on too long to a person or situation when it’s time to let go, at least for a season, and look at the puzzle of life a different way. 

There is a popular saying ‘Fail up’ and this is so true. Or ‘Don’t quit until your miracle happens’.  This is also true.  Something may seem impossible.  In reality, most all things are possible if you don’t quit and keep going.

Get Help Along the Way

No one was meant to do life alone and this involves CC. As you get to different levels there are certain types of candy that give you the power ups to do special things and get to places you normally wouldn’t have gotten to alone.  These are the people in my world. 

It takes a team to win at life and often you get to choose your power ups, the peeps who help you along the way to get you to where you are going.  Each have some special gift that helps me get to where I’m going and they are available when I need to call on them, or they just appear when I need them most.  Some combine and become even more powerful and present themselves as a force to knock out the obstacles that get in my way.

I love and appreciate the power ups in my life.  I actually thank God for them.  And I pray I’m there when they need their power ups and I’m called to sweeten up their life.

The Win is Sweet

Sure you may fail, but when the win is accomplished the feeling is a high like no other.  Like in life not every game is won but there are wins.  When ‘Wonderful, level completed!’ There is an inner celebration (and even an outer one if it was a challenge) and it’s awesome.

The other truth to the win is there is always another level.  To keep going it to keep winning and being challenged in new ways.

Everyone Needs a Little Down Time

Sure I can procrastinate and zone out on the crush.  But in reality we all need a little time to check out, refresh and renew.  Often when I’m writing, working out a problem, or my brain is on overload of things I should have given over to the man upstairs, redirecting my mind to play a game is just what I need.

I cannot count the multiple times when a solution to another issue in life has happened while I’m crushing ahead zoning out solving a puzzle.  Those aha moments to deal with something else, get creative or humble myself in a situation has happened in the check out down times of playing the game.

Like anything, it’s my attitude.  Am I procrastinating doing something I don’t really want to do? (Er, isn’t that what Facebook is for?) Am I spending time on the crush in an addictive way? Or am I simply taking some time to check out for awhile and refresh.  It’s always the ‘why’ behind something I’m doing and not the what.  It’s always a heart issue.

And by the way, about level 800… Well let’s just say I’m at a higher level now.  I happen to like the game!  Sure there is new stuff out there and I’ll play once in awhile to keep it fresh, but I’m a hard core old school crusher and proud of it… as long as I don’t get it twisted.


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