In honor of my mom’s birthday I celebrate her life and share some of the legacy moments she has taught me…

1. Respect:  Look at people the way you want to be seen.CAROL CRAVEN

It’s not the other person’s fail if you see the negative, it’s yours.  You can see the good in people no matter where they are in life.  Each of us is working out where we are and what we are doing.  Remember: If you can’t honor the person honor the position.

2. Giving: Give more than you receive.

There is a saying you cannot out bless God.  Next to God my mom is one of the most giving persons I know.  Giving is a part of blessing someone else.  It doesn’t have to be monetary.  It can be a small gesture, a kind word, a sandwich or a smile.  Make it a point to purposefully bless someone in your life today whether you know them or not.  You never know who needs it and how you will be used.  I guaranty you will be bless more by having a giving spirit.

3. Receiving: Don’t be too proud to receive.

One of the most difficult things often for someone who loves to give is to receive.  But be humble enough to do so.  Let others be blessed equally when they want to give to you.

4. Everyone is equal: Honor others.

From the man on the corner to the pope, we all put our pants on one leg at a time.  No one is better than another.  Be you and treat others not by position but by humanity and love your heart out to all and not for what they do or who they are.

5.  Say Thank You: Be appreciative

This life is not a solo career. It’s built on the team you surround yourself with.  From the person who opens the door, to the person who has thought of you, to the person who is working on a day where they feel not so their best… take the time to stop and say thank you, it matters.

Oh, and saying please doesn’t hurt either.

6.  Work hard: It’s a Job Requirement

It’s not a checks and balance, but it is. As hard as you work is the level of what you will receive.  Enjoy what you do.  If you don’t find what you love to do and find a way to earn a living doing it.  There is no dishonor in doing what you love, but keep moving forward.

7.  There’s always time for music: Listen to your heart

Take the time to listen.  To listen to good jazz, a song, read a book and hug your dog.  Life is unexpected and you never know when your time on this planet ends.  Loss is a part of life, so appreciate your life and who and/or what is in it. 

Keep the balance.  Always find the music in your life and dance to it, whatever that looks like.  Enjoy your life, love those around you and smile.  Life is what you make of it.

This includes having ice cream for breakfast or waffles for dinner if you darn well feel like it!

Happy birthday Mom… I love you!



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