Anyone with a heart is numb. Not again. Please Lord, not again.


The shooting yesterday in Uvalde, TX is horrific. We all agree. 

As a mother, there are no words. I blend within the sadness of those who lost a friend, loved one, family member, or child. It is horrible and an overwhelming wave of grief that has swept over the nation for you. But we will not feel as deeply. Oh, how we want to but it will never happen.  

In agreement as a country, we send you love, and hope, and stand in the deep hole you are feeling. We know we cannot fill your loss, but we love you, whom you lost, and hope our love will help little ways down the road when you can look up.

For those triggered by this tragedy, we mourn again with you and love you. Virtually wrap our arms around you. Every time a tragedy like this happens it opens a wound thought to have healed only to realize it isn’t. It rips the band-aid back open and the pain throbs. There are no words.

We send love to the teachers, students, families, and first responders. The list goes on.

For those of you reading apathetically STOP here. 

Because shit is about to get real.

For those who want to say those three words, I have this to say : 

F&*K your Thoughts and Prayers!

Those three words used to be agreeable, acceptable, standard, and thoughtful. That time has passed. And don’t you dare try to make it about you, claiming falsely ‘don’t tell me what to pray for. Acting offended in our rage. Don’t you DARE make it about you!

Apathy is the bowl of fruit we are forced to eat in disdain.

– America

How can an 18-year-old buy a gun but not a cigarette lighter in some states? 

How can some have to be 21 to buy cigarettes?

Why can an 18-year-old buy a gun but not buy a beer until age 21? And, die for their country?

How can we continue to pretend hypocrisy does not exist?

Our complicity in a passing-by commentary like a Hallmark card notation to a life tragedy is pathetic. I’m the first to say I suck at the right words to say at a death. My go-to is comedy, and most of what I say comes out incessantly insensitive. (i.e.: “She’s never looked so good.” While standing at a casket.)

My complicity stops.

Our most complicit citizens are the children.. They know an active shooter is a part of their existence. We are shocked and they look at us confused. And it happens again, again, and again.

No one has the answer. It is on the news. It changes to another topic.

The tears and the sadness I am feeling today as a mother, friend, daughter…I am ANGRY. Why? Because as much as I want these trajectories to change I feel helpless, hence those three words. It is a feeble attempt to show care. It has been twisted in apathetic rhetoric.

What to do then? Is this just a rant filtered along to go down the drain of the next disaster?

Perhaps, but I pray not. 

How can I speak? How can you speak? How can we all agree to make the changes needed before another generation becomes numb to being carnival ducks in a twisted game for the rest of their life?

Use your voice where it matters: Vote.

Don’t roll your eyes. DO IT!

Vote those to office who will: 

  • Not succumb to pressure,
  • Fight for change,
  • Respect your amendment right but not at the risk of others.
  • Pay for mental health care.
  • Pay for equal rights.

Vote for those who can no longer vote, because they died. They were killed. They have lost their voice, use yours for them. Speak out.

If you are saying you cannot make a difference, you can. Don’t lie to yourself in your despair.

Watch the change when we as Americans vote out those who do not do what we hired them to do. They work for us and not the other way around. 90% of Americans believe in control over gun sales. Are we holding accountable those to make the laws? That is on us. 

Our complicity perpetuates the problem. Be mad and remember. Remember when you vote. 

Start locally and take it nationally. Don’t forget, because those in Uvalde, Parkland, Columbine, and more will not forget. Our children deserve better. Show them they are worth it.